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Cotswold Rockery

Individual large pieces of mellow coloured Cotswold stone.

This Cotswold stone can be used to form a beautiful, natural looking rockery in any garden – though as quite large pieces, are perhaps best suited to bigger gardens. These stone pieces retain their natural shape, making them perfect for mimicking naturally occurring stone formations.

Cotswold stone is famous across the globe for its warm colour, and is what gives villages and buildings in the region – including some of the Oxford colleges – its distinctive appearance. It was first quarried by the Romans, though it formed over 150 million years ago in the Jurassic era.

Being so mellow in colour, this Cotswold stone is more likely to form the backdrop of a rockery than act as a feature stone – though the rockery itself can still be a feature – and support the brighter colours of the plants surrounding it.

Additional Product Information

Rockeries can be used to brighten up lacklustre areas of garden – odd corners, blank slopes, open space – or as features in their own right. They can be spectacular when combined with a water feature such as a pond.

Slopes are an especially popular location to place a rockery, with natural stone like this Cotswold Rockery particularly appropriate for creating formations that resemble the natural placement of rock on hillsides.

These Cotswold stone pieces are sold individually, allowing for a wealth of uses. From small water features to fully fledged garden walls, Cotswold Rockery will make a wonderful addition to your landscaping.

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