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A driveway can give you a lot of joy. Whether you’re on foot, travelling by bike or in a car, it’s probably the first thing you see when you come home. Rolling onto a smart, stylish driveway is incredibly satisfying.

Benton Weatherstone has everything you need for driveway joy. Whether you’re after a countryside look that suits an old Series 1 Landy or classic two-seater, or the kind of smart, chic drive on which you’d happily park a Pagani, we can help.

We’ve searched out what we think are the top suppliers of driveway paving, from economical Pavedrive blocks in a tremendous range of colours, to our Rio paviors (which you’d be hard-pressed to distinguish from granite) and the smooth chic of Avenu blocks.

On these pages you’ll also find edgings and verge-markers (memorably described as being a bit like a West End nightclub doorman: check out the description to see why).

For a less constructed, more relaxed look, hop across to our Chippings section: you’ll find a range of materials that look great on a driveway, from green- or blue-slate chippings to Scottish pebbles and pale-coloured Cotswold buff. One tip: anything graded less than 20mm is likely to end up stuck in your tyres, resulting in that annoying ticka-ticka-ticka-ticka-ticka-ticka PING! when you drive off. Best avoided, then.

Having everything you’re going to need delivered all at one time makes jobs like building a driveway much easier. As well as the blocks or chippings themselves, we can bring you base material, sand, geo-textile, concrete and more.

Deliveries and collection

We make free deliveries every weekday in the local area, and Saturday morning deliveries are also possible. A whole range of materials can be supplied in large, crane-delivered bags or poly bags. Deliveries can also be made on our own fleet of tipper vehicles: loads of up to 13 tonnes, 3.2 tonnes and 1.2 tonne are available on various materials.

Collections can also be made from our Ferring yard, where our yard staff are happy to load your purchases into your vehicle.

Contact us:

Phone 01903 243202 or drop us an email to get in touch. We pride ourselves on unsurpassed customer service – whether it’s through offering impartial advice on product selection, or via our helpful, courteous yard and delivery staff.

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