Blue slate chippings and much more

Decorative chippings can be used to add beauty and character to any gardens. Chippings can be used in small borders and boundaries to complement or contrast natural elements within the planting scheme or to compliment any hard landscaping scheme

Often used by professional landscapers as a whole design element to an area, chippings can be used as a parking area for vehicles or as an entire driveway. Many properties have benefited from the subtle shades and tones available.

With a variety of sizes, colours and textures the creative possibilities are endless. Decorative chippings come in a variety of sizes ranging from 6mm Limestone to 150mm Scottish Cobbles. Whether a rounded, smoother finish or a more rugged angular we have choices to fit the bill.

The smooth rounded nature of the Scottish Pebble is available in two sizes new and highly decorative the 14-20mm is a welcome addition to the ever popular 20-30mm pebbles. These products are often used in conjunction with the Scottish Cobbles 50-80mm in bold beach style landscaping.

The more angular Welsh Green 14mm is available from stock with 20mm available to order as with Staffordshire Pink available from stock in both 10mm and 20mm sizes.

A suitable substitute for the now unavailable Chichester gravel range comes in the form of Thames shingle range again available from stock in both Thames 10mm and Thames 20mm sizes.

Chippings of various sizes can be used to give a graduated look with smaller stones sweeping onto larger stones to give a natural looking progression similar to beachscapes with the various sizes working in unison.

Benton Weatherstone prides itself on its exemplary customer service whether offering impartial advice on product selection or our helpful, courteous yard and delivery staff.

Daily free deliveries to the local area Monday to Friday also with Saturday morning deliveries we can deliver a variety of materials in large crane delivered bags or poly bags.

Deliveries can also be made on our own fleet of tipper vehicles with loads of up to 13 tonnes, 3.2 tonnes and 1.2 tonne available on various materials.

Collections can also be made from our Ferring yard with our yard staff ready to load your purchases into your vehicle.

Phone 01903 243202 or visit Benton Weatherstone to experience traditional customer service from experienced, knowledgeable staff who are here to help and advise.

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