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Blue Slate Chippings

£108.00 Bulk bag (including VAT)
  • Natural Slate Chipping
  • Graded at 40mm and 20mm 
  • Perfect for edges and borders
  • Available in Bulk bags or 20kg Poly bags 
  • Free local delivery

Shipping cost calculator

Bulk bag contains between 850-900kg with an approx coverage of 10-12m² at 50mm deep. Poly bags contain 20kg.

For help with working out quantities please enquire or follow the link to our chippings calculator.  

Bulk bags available to purchase online. If you wish to purchase Poly bags please contact us for more details.


Chippings Calculator

Product Information

Beautiful natural slate chippings in a range of colours perfect for borders and edges but can also be used on paths and drives.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, slate chipping is very low maintenance. With a little preparation work, stone chippings can save hours of gardening time. Simply lay some landscaping fabric to prevent weeds pushing through, add some bordering material to prevent spillage, lay 40-50mm thick and leave. No more weeding, no more mowing.

Blue 40mm Bulk bags currently on Manager's special.

Free Local Delivery

If the delivery postcode starts with any of the following you qualify for free delivery carried out by our own fleet of vehicles. 

Brighton and Worthing: BN1,BN2,BN3,BN5,BN6,BN7,BN10,BN11,BN12,BN13,BN14,BN15,BN16,BN17,BN18,BN41,BN42,BN43, BN44,BN45                                                                                                                                    

Portsmouth, Chichester and Bognor: PO18,PO19,PO21,PO22                                                                                                

Horsham and Haywards Heath: RH13,RH15,RH16,RH20

Available Sizes: 20mm, 40mm

Available Units: Poly Bag, Bulk Bag

Available Colours: Blue, Blue/Plum/Green

Chippings Calculator


Cubic Metres will be required (Approximation)
Jumbo/Bulk Bags
Poly Bags


We do not sell part jumbo/bulk bags. We would recommend either rounding up or down. It may be more cost effective to round down and top up with poly bags. As we do not charge for local delivery you can always round down and top up if needed. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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