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Mot Type 1

  • Limestone granular sub-base
  • Type 1 (technically CL.803)
  • Ideal base for block paving and slabs
  • Extremely versatile material
  • Free local delivery

Available in 850-900Kg Bulk bags, 20Kg Poly bags or loose to collect or be delivered.

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Product Information

MOT Type 1 (technically CL.803) is a Limestone granular sub-base which was originally developed as a base layer for our tarmac roads.  Its use then transgressed to the main base for pavedrive and trident block paving.  MOT Type 1 is today an extremely versatile material widely used as an affordable base for a wide variety of surfaces.

Bulk Bags, Poly Bags, Loose tipped – any quantity!

Free Local Delivery

If the delivery postcode starts with any of the following you qualify for free delivery carried out by our own fleet of vehicles. 

Brighton and Worthing: BN1,BN2,BN3,BN5,BN6,BN7,BN10,BN11,BN12,BN13,BN14,BN15,BN16,BN17,BN18,BN41,BN42,BN43, BN44,BN45                                                                                                                                    

Portsmouth, Chichester and Bognor: PO18,PO19,PO21,PO22                                                                                                

Horsham and Haywards Heath: RH13,RH15,RH16,RH20

Available Sizes: Type 1

Available Units: Poly Bag, Bulk Bag, m³


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