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Sanded Formenta Sandstone Paving

Our new patio paving using Formenta Sandstone with a light sanded surface.

The light colour – with subtle natural shading – combined with the smooth sanded surface make for a clean, contemporary look for your garden paving, driveway or patio.

Sandstone is a naturally hard wearing material, making it highly suitable for any application.  Our sanded Formenta is fairly pale in overall colour and therefore best suited to patio’s and garden pathways.   Where durability is an issue – such as a driveway, where it will be subjected to cars or heavy footfall, we would recommend our Verdi Sandstone range.

Additional Product Information

Add definition to a garden by constructing a pathway, or build an entire patio to make your outdoor space a real feature. As a natural material, it perfectly complements plants, ponds and other natural features in a way artificial materials like concrete just don't. But thanks to the sanded surface, this Formenta sandstone paving also lends an air of deliberate design that riven sandstone can't quite match.

We stock this product in individual sizes, allowing for a multitude of designs and combinations. Stick with a uniform size for an uncluttered, ordered look, or combine different sizes for a more relaxed appearance – or even intricate patterns. Whatever the surface area you're looking to pave, we can deliver the paving slabs to give you right coverage.

As with all our sandstone paving, this Formenta Sandstone is also available in an 18.8m² Patio Pack. Formenta Sandstone Paving

Size Unit Delivered Colour
840mm x 560mm Each Cream/White with subtle shadings
560mm x 560mm Each Cream/White with subtle shadings
560mm x 280mm Each Cream/White with subtle shadings
560mm x 410mm Each Cream/White with subtle shadings
18.8m² Pack Cream/White with subtle shadings


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