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Staffordshire Pink

A chipping ideal for driveway use this subtle coloured dark pink through to white chipping is ideal in its 20mm size. The 14mm Staffordshire Pink shingle is an ideal material for covering borders and decorative areas of the garden. This smaller sized gravel can also be used as a path dressing also it works very well as a plant pot top dressing. This offsets and enhances the plant foliage and the various coloured pots available.

This varied coloured chipping can also be used as a French drain shingle to aid water dispersal at edges of patios, drives and paths.

When used in conjunction with our Rosamenta Indian sandstone paving Staffordshire Pink, (also sometimes known as Cheshire Pink) shingle will blend with the tones and colours without creating a stark contrast. When used in conjunction with a contrasting edging such as Verdi setts Staffordshire Pink 20mm shingle provides a contrast that shows off both the Verdi and the Staffordshire Pink shingle.

Additional Product Information

At 20mm it is unlikely to get picked up by tyres or shoes and is robust and resilient enough for constant use. In larger areas the lighter side of the chipping lifts and highlights dull areas and reflects available natural light to create a bright yet durable area.

Available in poly bags (approx 20Kg) and bulk bags (Approx 900Kg) we can also arrange larger loose tipped deliveries (subject to suitable access)

Collections can also be made from our Ferring yard with our yard staff ready to load your purchases into your vehicle.

Phone 01903 243202 or visit Benton Weatherstone to experience traditional customer service from experienced, knowledgeable staff.

Size Unit Delivered Colour
10-14mm Bulk Bag Pink to Dark Grey
10-14mm Poly Bag Pink to Dark Grey
20mm Poly Bag Pink to Dark Grey

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We do not sell part jumbo/bulk bags. We would recommend either rounding up or down. It may be more cost effective to round down and top up with poly bags. As we do not charge for local delivery you can always round down and top up if needed. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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