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Argento Imported Sandstone Paving 22mm Calibrated

Silver/Grey high quality, genuine Indian Sandstone with occasional darker brown patches. Imported from ethical suppliers and calibrated to 22mm thickness for quicker, easier installation.

Argento sandstone paving is made up of shades of blues and greys, giving it a neutral, classic look suited to both traditional and contemporary designs for landscaping, paving and patios.

These paving slabs are well suited to all kinds of outdoor design. Lay a long-lasting, stylish garden path to add definition, shape and clean lines to your landscaping. Use the paving slabs to add a contemporary touch to your driveway. Or build a beautiful Indian sandstone patio – perfect for garden furniture and barbecues.

Additional Product Information

Sandstone is naturally hard wearing, meaning with the right precautions your paving slabs can last a lifetime. Applying a good sealer such as PaveGard will prevent permanent stains, and when you do need to clean, avoiding alkaline, acid, ammonia and bleach cleaning solutions will maintain the seal.

We stock these Indian sandstone paving slabs in 18.8m² Patio Packs or in individual tile sizes for custom and bulk orders.

Argento Sandstone Paving should be laid on a full mortar bed. Our Rock Common Building Sand and Rugby Cement® makes an ideal mortar.

Argento Sandstone Paving is part of our Natural Stone Paving range, offering a wide variety of finishes, sizes, styles and colours. View the full range in person by visiting our store. Natural Sandstone Paving

Size Unit Delivered
560mm x 280mm Each
560mm x 410mm Each
560mm x 560mm Each
840mm x 560mm Each
18.8m² Pack


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