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Rosamenta Imported Sandstone Paving

High quality Imported Natural Stone Sandstone with a riven finish, the colour varies from deep russet through to a light buff grey.

This Rosamenta imported sandstone is a beautifully understated paving stone for giving driveways, paths and borders a considered look, without being showy or over-designed. Naturally riven, each slab has a unique appearance, displaying organic patterning wrought from millennia of formation.

Similarly, the colour varies from stone to stone, taking on a gorgeous sheen when wet, each shade deepening with moisture, the variations between slabs accentuated by the rain. As each sandstone slab varies in size and shape, the wet weather can bring out stunning patterns that lie dormant when dry.

Additional Product Information

The natural appearance of the sandstone makes it perfect for accenting gardens – blending in beautifully with your backyard flora – or for giving a front driveway a more pleasant atmosphere than the blunt utilitarianism of concrete.

Sandstone is a naturally hard-wearing material – the reason it's been used for paths and pavements for thousands of years – and this Rosamenta sandstone is no different. Once laid, it should require little to no maintenance, giving your outdoor areas a stable, no fuss upgrade that will last for decades.

These paving stones are calibrated to 22mm thick, making laying easy.

Our Rosamenta Imported Sandstone Paving is available in Patio Packs or equal numbers of individual sizes. Simply measure the area and we'll put a paving pack together.

Size Unit Delivered
560mm x 280mm Each
560mm x 560mm Each
560mm x 840mm Each
560mm x 410mm Each
18.8m² Pack


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