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Verdi Sandblasted Imported Sandstone

Using similar stone as our Riven Verdi Imported Sandstone, Verdi Sandblasted is diamond sawn top and edges with a lightly sanded top surface. This beautiful slab with its smoother surface and subtly darker shade offers a contrast to the Formenta sanded. Offering an economic alternative to the traditional Yorkstone. It is an ideal material for a patio or path working well with both contemporary and traditional Surroundings.

Available in a 13.17m multi crates which include 3 sizes 560 x 280mm, 560 x 560mm and 840 x 560mm. The 560 x 840mm and 560 x 560mm are sold separately. 

Additional Product Information

Natural Stone should be laid with the largest face surface uppermost on a full mortar bed.

Feel free to come in to our Ferring showroom where you can see it laid in our extensive display area or in packs in our yard.   

Size Unit Delivered Source Type
Multi Crate 13.17m² Pack India Sandstone
560mm x 840mm Each India Sandstone
560mm x 560mm Each India Sandstone


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